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To be the change

that is needed

Our Name

We are proud of our name here at Kōkō Chaud.

"Kōkō" is another māori word for the tūī. You will see that the tūī and its colours are represented on our packaging and our website. The tūī is a beautiful parson bird native to New Zealand. Its call is unmistakable, and it is easily recognised by its white tufted neck contrasting on its black/blue/green feathers. We want our hot chocolates to convey the same strength and beauty as we see in the kōkō.

"Koko Samoa" is also the term for drinking chocolate from the Samoan islands. Though we did not know this when we chose our name, it was a very welcome surprise! Cocoa trees have been grown in Samoa for over 100 years and are a part of almost everyday life for Samoans. It is often enjoyed when getting together at the end of the day with family and friends. We hope our hot chocolates will bring many happy times with family and friends for our customers too.

As most of you would know, some of the best hot chocolates in the world come from Europe. And few do rich and decadent better than the French! "Chocolat chaud" is the french term for hot chocolate, so we just stole the "chaud" (and some of their hot chocolate tricks) from the French. De rien! (you're welcome!)

Our Values

Our catch phrase sums up our values - "hot chocolate, as good as can be". By that we mean not only a hot chocolate with a decadent and intense flavour, but also good for the environment, good for farmers, good for the New Zealand economy, and made with good unadulterated ingredients.

Consumers who are conscious about the environmental and social impact of their purchases are told to make better choices and that those choices will drive industry to change. But if the choice is not there, how can you make a better choice? We are here to force change in the industry, one delicious chocolatey cup at a time. We are here to give you choice. We are here to give you quality. We are here to provide you with as many organic ingredients, grown in sustainable and ethical ways as we can lay our hands on. The more we push to see change from our suppliers, the more we can live up to our values.

We want to feel good when we source our packaging and ingredients, and we want you to feel good when you buy from us. We definitely want you to feel good when you sip on one of our deliciously rich chocolate drinks.

If you are interested in following us on our journey to be the best we can be, follow our blog!

Goodbye to "greenwashing", hello to real change!

Our Ingredients

Gone are the days of sickly sweet, flavourless, artificial powders!

One thing you will immediately notice from our ingredients labels is that we use real ingredients. Not cocoa powder. Not artificial sweeteners. Not left over scrap chocolate from bar making that we decided to repurpose and sell to you as hot chocolate by adding more ingredients. We make our products from scratch to be made into what will hopefully be the best hot chocolate of your life (and if it's not - let us know!!!).

What you see in the ingredients list is what you get. We do not subscribe to the philosophy that we have some trade secret to protect and so would put some alternate name or convoluted product description on our labels. We use real ingredients, and we are not ashamed to show it!

You may notice from time to time that your hot chocolate may taste a bit different - we are continually striving to improve our products, but also, as we currently make small batches (no more than 4kg at a time!) there is a chance that our flavours will come out differently. We also will be seeking new, more ethical and sustainable ingredients, and this will also impact our final products. Of course, it also depends on how you make your hot chocolate on any given day - which milk you use, how long you heat the mix for etc. We think that just makes the experience more exciting and authentic! The power is in your hands!

Our Packaging

Unfortunately our packaging is not what we would like it to be... Our goal is for all our packaging and labels to be sustainably sourced, recyclable, reusable and/or compostable. It has been great to see there has been a big move in the field of packaging, but unfortunately they have not proved to be durable enough to stand up to the rigors of being couriered. We will continue to seek out the best solutions as our journey continues.

Our Way Of Doing Things

Follow us on instagram and facebook and our blog to see how we make chocolate! There are no secrets here. We will upload videos and photos of the process from receiving our equipment and ingredients right down to how they come together into the real chocolate you will be enjoying once mixed with your choice of milk.

We hope that you will see we use real ingredients, from real cocoa nibs, to real coffee beans, to real sugar. We won't use syrups and artificial flavourings to enhance the flavour or shelf life of our products (unless there really is no real alternative and you guys REALLY RERALLY REALLY need that flavour in your lives!). Yes, it's more expensive for us to make, but it's worth it!

Our Future

We're not going to sugar coat it (but we will chocolate coat it) - we want Kōkō Chaud everywhere! In your home, in your place of work, in your local café, and at your grocery store. You deserve the luxury of a good drink as much as coffee and tea drinkers do. Real tea and coffee have had their day in the sun, it is about time for real hot chocolate to step out of the shadows.

We are sure you are as frustrated as we are when you walk into a café or grocery store and you can buy 10 different kinds of coffee or 20 different flavours of tea, but there is 4 brands of bland hot chocolate powder... and your heart sinks when you look at the cup and you know it's going to be bland. Even at home you are left with flavourless, artificial sugary powders that are designed to be half-heartedly stirred into a lukewarm cup of milk, or worse yet, into water!

Vive la révolution - Lets drive change together!